Hyper-uricemia also known as Uric Acid

Uric acid is not unheard off among us Nepalese, as one among our family might have been diagnosed for it. But what does the uric acid refers to? Well it defines itself, “uric acid” which refers to accumulation of uric acid crystals in our joints causing swelling and unbearable pain. Due to high accumulation of uric acid in our body it is also known as hyper-uricemia. Disease is prone to affect male populous than female, but female after menopause should be careful as well.

How does one suffer from uric acid?

Generally, uric acid is eliminated by kidney through urine. But high intake of purine (which is converted to uric acid by our body) rich food causes accumulation of the uric acid which then is converted to uric acid crystals. Decline of kidney function with age and kidney ailments also lead to uric acid.

Alcohol consumption interferes with uric acid clearance from body leading to uric acid symptoms. As well as the weight is also a determinant factor, high body mass refers to high production of uric acid as bodily waste and body fat are known to amplify inflammation (swelling and pain).

What are the symptoms to look out for?

Symptoms that one should consider are;

  • Intense pain, redness and swelling of joint that last for 12 to 24 hour.

  • Joint pain will last for days and spread to other joints as well.

  • Tenderness is heightened even a blanket touching the skin over the affected joint is unbearable.


What Should I do if I have above mentioned symptoms?

If you have the symptoms foremost thing to do is make an appointment with your physician. He/ She will conduct diagnostic test on you body, typically using blood samples. Once the physician has established that you are suffering from uric acid he/she will prescribe you medicine. Medicine will be to lessen the inflammation or to reduce the accumulation of uric acid in your body either by eliminating uric acid or by preventing formation of uric acid crystals.

Additionally you can do following to prevent the uric acid attack;

  • Decrease intake of high purine rich food like kidney, liver, mushroom, seafood, asparagus (kurelo).

  • Maintain adequate water intake.

  • Decrease or totally prohibit alcohol consumption.

  • Reduce body weight.

I can endure pain so can I not take the medicine and follow preventive measure?

The answer is a big no because if uric acid is not controlled then it can lead to formation of kidney stone , kidney failure and arthritic attack known as gout. So it is advisable to reduce the uric acid which is done by consultation with your physician, locally available pharmacist and active participation from your side as well.