The basics of Bird Flu one should Know !

Bird Flu is also known by the name Avian Influenza. Avian Influenza was first seen among birds in the year 1878, and during 1918-1919, it took almost life of aroud 3 lakhs people.

In the recent times, bird flu has been seen in many of the countries of East Asian origin and is getting a serious concern. Bird flu is taken seriously all around the world , as it can cause death of patient within 24 hours of catching the flu. And moreover, the lack of vaccination till date , and no approved and effective treatment plan makes Bird Flu a serious concern among all.

 Between 2003 and late 2005, outbreaks of subtype H5N1, the most deadly variety of bird flu, occurred among poultry in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam. Hundreds of millions of birds in those countries died from the disease or were killed in attempts to control the epidemics. According to the World Health Organization, more than 850 people were infected with H5N1 between 2003 and 2016; more than 50 percent of those individuals died. The majority of human H5N1 infections and deaths occurred in Egypt, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


The symptoms are seen between 18 to 24 hours after the transmission of the virus and includes the common allergy symptoms like,

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Runny nose

Is there any treatment options ?

  • Right now at this moment ,there is no known specific treatment option for the bird flu.


What we can do to protect ourselves from bird flu ?


  • Since it is the air-borne disease , it can get easily transmitted from the infected birds or chicken. If you see the deaths of birds nearby your area, call the concerned authority for inspection.


  • Cook the chicken and eggs about 71 degree Celsius.


  • Special precaution need to be taken by the people working in poultry. They must wear proper mask and gloves while working.


  • During transporting birds , they must be transported in the proper quarantines.